Preparing For Your Driving Test

Preparing for your driving test can be a nerve wrecking and stressful experience. Not only is it a hassle to re try, it also consumes a lot of valuable time and other resources. For those planning to take the driving exam, there are plenty of tips to help them along. A large number of individuals tend to take the exam when they are not ready for it or have not prepared well for it. Most of the time it does not end in a positive result. A few other people tend to get anxiety and this translates to a bad performance at the driving test. 

Get enough practice  

This might seem like an obvious piece of advice but a strange amount of people tend to disregard it. Call up your driving school Singapore and book plenty of lessons until you are confident of yourself and have covered all the areas that you had any doubts in. if you have questions about what to do in specific situations, do not be afraid to ask your instructor about them and what you should do. If you have any confusion about road signs, clarify them beforehand. 

Drive in a defensive manner and always look out for any sudden changes in the route of another nearby vehicle. You can use your knowledge from the driving lessons. When you are driving, make sure to accelerate carefully and do not rev up the vehicle. Check out more by visiting this page –

Test vehicle requirements 

Make sure that your vehicle meets the requirements implemented by the driving department. While it can differ from area to area, most commonly they will require a vehicle that has functioning brake lights and turn signals, a horn that is in proper condition, satisfactory braking pressure, enough tire pressure, rear view mirror, side mirrors and working seatbelts.  

Checklist for safe driving 

Before you switch on the car, make sure that the side mirror and the rear mirror have been turned to an angle that fits your view. Put on your seat belt and familiarize yourself with the controls of the vehicle. When you are switching on the vehicle, ensure that you have firmly applied the brakes and that the car us either on the Park gear or the Neutral gear. When easing into the road, always use your turn signals so that other drivers on the road know your intentions. Use your mirrors and take your time so you can avoid any mishaps. When driving close to pedestrian crossing, lower your speeds and never overtake along pedestrian crossings or roads with a high foot traffic as this can be fatal.