Open Or Enclosed? Know The Difference

If you are planning to hire a photobooth for your upcoming wedding or corporate event, it might be a good idea to find out exactly what you want from a photobooth, because there are different types of booths. Below is a quick explanation:

 Vintage Photobooth

To start with, this is usually the idea that is stuck in many people’s heads when they hear the word ‘photobooth’. Originating in the early 20th century, and nowadays seen in many arcade centres, as well as at certain state buildings for the express purpose of taking ID and passport photos, the traditional photobooth was basically that small enclosure in which you sat down on a bench and took photos covered by a curtain. The photos, which usually took a couple of minutes back then to print (nowadays, it is more of an instant photobooth), were available eventually from the booth itself. Certain countries had arcade areas where more freedom was allowed eventually – for example Japan and the rest of the East Asian countries – where you can edit the photos with visual effects, filters and the like through an incorporated screen and stylus in the booth.

 Open Photobooth

On the other hand, the open photobooth is what the word ‘photobooth’ generally refers to today. Popularized by the red carpet photography and similar events, this is basically the placing of a backdrop (or green screen if the photobooth in Singapore also provides special effects) with a camera and printer pod in front of it (or sometimes, the cameraman takes the photos instead of the automatic pod). Generally, the backdrop features the name of the event, the names of the sponsors and other details in small but repeated font. A table of props is also available for the guests to use to customize their photos. These new photobooths allow for photos to be taken and printed almost instantly – within a minute at most. The open photobooth is quite large, and is in no way concealed by curtains or the like; instead, it is fully open and accessible to any guest at any time.

 Enclosed Photobooth

Finally, the enclosed photobooth nowadays is more of a compromise between the vintage photobooth and the open photobooth seen today. It is basically as large as the open photobooth, but there is a small curtain (which often does not reach to the floor, but covers up to the thighs or even waist sometimes) or an enclosure which partially shields the guests taking photos from the rest of venue. Usually, a cameraman is not found in these types of booths, which almost always rely on a camera pod. Again, a backdrop or green screen is also provided here, together with a number of props for the guests to use.